Master of Business Administration, Finance (MBA-FI)

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration or major in finance allows students to emphasize in one or a combination of the following areas:

  • corporate finance
  • investments and portfolio management
  • financial institutions and capital markets
  • international finance

The MBA degree is a structured program. Core and required courses in the fundamental areas of business form about two-thirds of the curriculum, with electives comprising the remaining courses. Students who do not have undergraduate degrees in business or who want broad business knowledge usually choose the MBA program, since it exposes them to all the functional areas of business. Students complete 39 to 51 hours of credit depending on their academic background.


The MBA curriculum has five components:

Foundation Courses (0-6 hours)

They are in accounting, microeconomics, marketing and business analysis. These may be waived through examination.

Cornerstone Core Courses (3-9 hours)

They are on topics pertaining to managing in a global economy; strategic communications; and the legal, ethical and regulatory considerations in business.

Functional Core Courses (12 hours)

They offer students curricular breadth in areas such as finance, accounting, information systems, marketing and operations management.

Capstone Core Courses (6 hours)

They integrate prior coursework and include corporate governance and performance analysis and global competitive strategy.


FI 8000 Valuation of Financial Assets is required for a finance concentration or major.
The Department of Finance encourages all students pursuing a finance concentration or major to take FI 8000 early in their program since it is a prerequisite for all electives except FI 8020-Financial Analysis and Loan Structuring, and FI 8040-Survey of International Finance.

More Information

For administrative questions and questions regarding admissions please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions. For curriculum questions please contact the MBA Finance faculty coordinator, Dr. Alfred Mettler.