Financial Assistance for Doctoral Students

We hire all entering finance doctoral students as Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) and award these students a competitive stipend. Conditional on satisfactory performance in the program, students maintain the GRA status for a period of approximately three years. During these first three years, GRAs assist faculty members with their research projects. The Finance Department has a policy that GRAs do not teach or assist a faculty member in teaching-related activities such as grading of papers, etc., which allows the student to concentrate on developing his or her research skills. The faculty views this policy as an integral component in our commitment to the development of our Ph.D. students. In many instances, either through the GRA relationship or otherwise, our doctoral students have become involved with faculty as co-authors, and most of these cases have resulted in prestigious publications for the teams of authors.

In the fourth and fifth years students have the opportunity to receive a stipend as a Graduate Teaching  Assistant (GTA). By this time, we believe that our Ph.D. students have sufficient depth and breadth of finance knowledge to make them effective university teachers, and we provide them the opportunity to teach undergraduate finance courses. Since teaching is an integral part of being an academic, teaching in the fourth and fifth years provides students with valuable experience and contributes to their professional development. Depending on the department’s needs and the student’s demonstrated teaching ability, some students receive an appointment as a temporary instructor in their fifth year.

The college also provides limited travel grants to students who present research papers at national or regional meetings.