Ph.D. Program Admission

The Department of Finance generally admits students each year in the fall semester. Students should have a natural curiosity about finance, excellent economic intuition, strong mathematical and analytical skills, and good communication skills. We base admissions on GMAT scores, academic background, academic and professional experience, academic and professional achievement, the student’s responses to narrative questions on the application, and on the information contained in professional recommendations. We will substitute the GRE for the GMAT. We do not use an admission formula or place a specific weight on any one component. Rather, we look for a combination of attributes that suggest an applicant will be successful in the program and as an academic.

We do not pre-screen applicants or provide preliminary indications of the likelihood that a student will be accepted into the program. The last four admitted classes had an average GMAT ranging from 723-748 and a median GMAT ranging from 725-745. The median student is in the 93rd percentile for the quantitative portion of the test and the 86th percentile in the verbal section. All have strong undergraduate and/or graduate academic records.

Apply to the Program

Candidates should submit applications online. For details on the application procedure, links to the online application form, deadlines, the application fee, TOEFL requirements for international applicants, and other administrative questions please go to the Ph.D. program website »

Application deadline for fall admission

January 8


Please direct all inquiries regarding the application procedure and related administrative issues to Adenike Brewington in the Ph.D. Program Office and not to the Finance Department.

Direct questions about the program to the Finance Department Ph.D. coordinator Lixin Huang »