The Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition is open to teams of students at all colleges and universities in the Southeast and beyond. Each team will consist of between one and five undergraduate and/or graduate students and a faculty advisor from the students’ college or university. At most two teams from any college or university may submit to the competition. If more than two teams from a college or university want to submit, the faculty coordinator (different position from but potentially same person as the faculty advisor; see below) must decide which two teams will submit. The same faculty member may serve as advisor to both submitting teams.


All submissions must be made through the competition’s website by 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 9, 2017. On the submission page, you will be asked to complete a form indicating the college or university represented by the team, a team name, a title for the proposed investment strategy, the names of the students on the team, the name and email address of the faculty member advising the team, and an email address to which all correspondence related to the submission may be sent. You also will be asked to submit a “blind” pdf file that is at most five pages long describing the investment strategy. This document should have the team name and title of the investment strategy at the top. No other identifying information, such as school name, team member names, or faculty member names, should be indicated on this document. The document must be written so as not to indicate or hint at the submitting team’s school affiliation. This means that the team name and investment strategy title should not hint at the school represented by the team. The document must include a discussion of the main economic idea behind the strategy and the expected returns and risks associated with the strategy. It may also include any other considerations that may affect the investment strategy, such as liquidity, scalability and feasibility. Results of back-testing, simulations, or other analyses designed to assess or examine the strategy may also be included.

Selection of Finalists

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges chosen by the Southeastern Hedge Fund Association (SEHFA). The top six submissions will be chosen as finalists and invited to the final competition. Teams will be notified of the results of the finalist selection process on Monday, April 3, 2017.


The final competition will be held on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at Georgia State University’s Buckhead Center in Atlanta. Each team will present its investment strategy to a panel of SEHFA judges. It is anticipated that the presentation will be an enhancement of the information provided in the initial submission. Each team will have 1- minutes to present. The presentations must be done in a manner that does not indicate the school represented by the team. The judges will then have up to 10 minutes to ask questions of the team. After seeing all teams present, the judges will confer to determine the first, second and third place teams. The winners will be announced during a closing ceremony and reception the night of the competition.


We anticipate that scholarship prizes will be awarded to the top three teams. Hotel accommodations (but not travel) for students on non-local finalist teams will be provided.

Faculty Coordinator

Each participating school is asked to select a faculty member to serve as a faculty coordinator by January 31, 2017. The faculty coordinator will serve as a point of contact for distribution of information related to the competition. In the case that a school has more than two teams that want to submit to the competition, the faculty coordinator is responsible for determining which two teams from that school will submit. The faculty coordinator for each school is listed on the competition web page. If your school is not listed, this means that your school does not yet have a faculty coordinator. Teams at schools without a faculty coordinator should find a faculty member at their school that is willing to serve as the faculty coordinator and inform the competition organizers of who the faculty coordinator will be via email at The faculty coordinator may also serve as a faculty advisor to one or both submitting teams.